Customary Tipping Guidelines.


Thank the people who get you to your destination and who help you enjoy your trip.

To and From the Airport

Taxi or Limo Drivers   — 15% – 20% of the bill.
Hotel Courtesy Shuttle Drivers  —  $1-$2 per person, extra if he handles luggage.
Porter  —  $1 per bag, $2 for very heavy bags.
Sky Cap  —  $1 per bag, $2 for very heavy bags. Additional $1-$2 optional for curbside check in.

At the Hotel

Bell Man or Bell Captain  — $1 per bag, $2 for very heavy bags.
Maids  —  $1-$3 per day depending on the amount of mess and the grade of the hotel, more ($5-$10 a day) for high-end hotels. Leave the tip someplace where it’s clear that it’s a tip — on the pillow or on the desk with a note.
Room Service  — 15%-20%, depending on service. Service is often already added.
Parking Attendant — $1-$2, usually when they bring you your car.
Doorman Tip  —  $1 if the doorman hails you a cab. If he also carries your bags, tip $1-$2 per bag.
Concierge  — If he gives you advice, tipping is not necessary. If he does something out of the way, like getting difficult restaurant reservations or tickets, $5-$20 (or more) is the norm, depending on the difficulty. You can tip at the time of service or at the end of your stay.
Other Courtesy Items  —  If you request something delivered to your room, like a hair dryer or an iron, tip $1 per item received.


Tour Guides   — If you are pleased with the tour, you can tip $2-$5 to the tour guide for a full day tour, $1-$2 to the driver. Tip a private guide more.


Some cruises have an automatic tipping program $10-$13 a day per person.

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